Students in the DEMONs group (which stands for dreamers, engineers, mechanics, and overt nerds) have elevated their extracurricular contributions to considerably engineered heights: Among many other projects, they have built a hovercraft, a robot, and a system that delivers river-depth measurements from the banks on campus and transmits them to the web. These individuals are the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and change agents. Lacking a space of their own, they extemporize, in the best spirit of improvisation, with scattered storage areas throughout the science wing. Imagine where their curiosity might take them with the support of a fully tooled workshop supplied with a laser cutter, a 3D printer — all the tools of the innovator’s trade. This is the spirit and potential that will be unlocked with updates to the science facilities through a proposed fabrication lab, where students can create and build in partnership with our talented faculty.