Concord Academy would not be the vibrant and selective institution it is today without a robust investment in financial aid. Core to our mission is a commitment to attracting and enrolling promising students of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, regardless of means.

While 25 percent of students at CA receive meaningful financial aid, every year highly qualified students cannot enroll because we lack the funds to support them. The credibility of our school mission depends on our ability to offer aid to deserving students. We simply cannot be Concord Academy without this program.

With limited resources, CA chooses to subsidize an intentionally select number of students more fully, to ensure experiential equity and full access to all CA has to offer. Tuition, room, and board are only part of the package. Our financial aid program is designed to open all doors for every student. This approach distinguishes CA, and considerable support is needed to maintain this promise.


The Compound Rewards of Financial Aid

Adil Bahalim ’02 didn’t know what boarding school was when his friend, Peter Li ’02, first told him about Concord Academy. Bahalim was living with his family under the poverty line in the suburbs of Houston, though his grades put him comfortably in the top 1 or 2 percent of his class…