The Endowment

The endowment is the financial foundation for the academy’s future. A single gift of $50,000 in 1954 initiated our endowment, and generous supporters and careful management have continued to strengthen it. With this campaign, we have prioritized two core elements of CA requiring critical endowment resources: financial aid and the faculty.

A robust investment in our financial aid program will enable CA to increase the number of deserving students it can support, while also ensuring our standard of experiential equity for all students. Today, 26 percent of students at CA receive significant financial aid grants. Every year, students who would contribute in meaningful ways to fulfilling our mission cannot enroll because we lack the funds to support them. We believe that must change. We can build a community of students from all socioeconomic backgrounds only with an endowment sufficient to stand behind our values.

Endowment growth is also imperative to bringing inventive educators to CA and keeping them here. Our faculty are among the most thoughtful, knowledgeable, and caring teachers anywhere. Our faculty move students to reach beyond their grasp. We see this every day in their work, and we hear this time and time again from parents and graduates. They know that the common trust of CA begins with the faculty’s role as teachers, advisors, mentors, and, in fact, inspirations.

Through contributions to the endowment, donors:

  • Ensure CA reflects the talent and ideas in the world, in lives of every background.
  • Give promising young people opportunities to mature into engaged and confident citizens, with paths determined by passion rather than financial capacity.

  • Set CA on a path to become need-blind.
  • Attract and support exceptional faculty members and develop the skill and talent of the faculty as a whole.
  • Create a cycle of continual investment in educators who make real the commitment that sets learning at CA apart—the emphasis on every student as an individual.

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