What does it mean to learn, teach, and live at CA? How are our values realized? How do we translate ambition into action, learning into habit, and friendships into lifelong collaborations? These stories showcase what CA does well and where, buoyed by the Centennial Plan, we are aiming our sights for the future.


Adil Bahalim/The Compound Rewards of Financial Aid

Adil Bahalim ’02 didn’t know what boarding school was when his friend, Peter Li ’02, first told him about Concord Academy…READ FULL STORY

Lewis Salas/What’s Possible With Financial Aid

Lewis Salas ’09 sensed when he first stepped onto CA’s campus that it was the school for him. “Here I was, this kid from Washington Heights”…READ FULL STORY

Danielle D’Onfro-Epps/Changing Lives

Danielle D’Onfro-Epps ’02 describes receiving financial aid to attend Concord Academy as an “escape hatch and a launching pad”…READ FULL STORY

Enriching This Community

Financial aid brings Concord Academy’s mission to life, enriching the community with a diversity of backgrounds and…READ FULL STORY

Rick Hardy/The Affirmation of Financial Aid

For me, financial aid is deeply personal. Without it, I would not be where I am. Financial aid opened doors that might…READ FULL STORY


Sarah Yeh/Dreaming Even Bigger

Sarah Yeh, of the History Department, envisions an archaeology course that would give students the chance to dig into the very soils of history, right in our own backyard…READ FULL STORY

Abby Laber/Globe Trotting

Plummet into the Elizabethan era of Shakespeare’s performances, fall through the heavens of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and land on the stage…READ FULL STORY

Nick Hiebert /The Genesis of a New Course

Technology, Community, and the Self is one of several new class offerings this year…READ FULL STORY

Kim Frederick and Justin Bull/Invisible History, Authentic Learning

A new interdisciplinary course, Concord’s Black History: A Multimedia Experience, is the first to be supported by Department X. It’s an opportunity for students to do real historical and film-production work, and also give back to the local community…READ FULL STORY


CA Houses Renovations Begin

With its Colonial houses framing the school’s Main Street campus, Concord Academy’s residential life program offers a home-like atmosphere to boarders and exposes day students to…READ FULL STORY


CA Labs Groundbreaking

Rain did little to dampen the festivities on Friday, October, 2, at the unveiling of create + innovate: The Centennial Campaign for Concord Academy. The groundbreaking ceremony for the CA Labs science building — the kick-off of the campaign and its first major capital project — was all about envisioning the evolution of teaching and learning…. READ FULL STORY

Pure Genius Field Trip

On May 7, a group of Concord Academy students, from the Advanced Environmental Science: Communities class, stepped from the hot urban sun through a large warehouse door into ….READ FULL STORY

DEMONs Advocate

Students in the DEMONs group (which stands for dreamers, engineers, mechanics, and overt nerds) have elevated their extracurricular contributions to considerably engineered heights…READ FULL STORY

Amy Kumpel/Beta Testing

Within the first weeks of CA’s inaugural engineering course, the Science Department’s Amy Kumpel distributed shoe boxes to her class containing the following items: scissors, pliers, wire cutters…READ FULL STORY

Concord Academy Celebrates Science and CA Labs

As the Concord Academy community gathered on campus on September 30 to celebrate the opening of CA Labs, the day was filled with festivities held in the flexible new…READ FULL STORY

Bringing Science into Dialogue with Other Disciplines

How can a building facilitate the circulation of ideas? Glass walls and ample natural light. Collaboration zones in wide hallways. Reconfigurable classrooms with retractable…READ FULL STORY

CA Labs in Action: Connecting Disciplines, Students, and the Wider World

Once referred to as the new “science wing,” CA Labs has, in its first year, become a place that connects students and disciplines to each other and connects CA to…READ FULL STORY

Boundless Campus

Leigh Gilmore/A Living Lab

Students in the Literature of Concord go out on the town to explore its literary legacy firsthand… READ FULL STORY

Community and Equity Speaker Series

Bringing people to campus whose life experiences are different from the majority of our population “is going to matter,” says Ayres Stiles-Hall, an English teacher and member of the Community and Equity group…READ FULL STORY

Performance Partnerships

Over the summer, the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston partnered with Concord Academy and Reggie Wilson, artistic director of Brooklyn’s Fist and Heel Performance Group, for a weeklong program that culminated in a production for 400 visitors …READ FULL STORY

Summer Internships

For seven years, the InSPIRE program (Interested Students Pursuing Internship and Research Experiences) has been sending CA students out into the world for summer experiences in science-related fields…READ FULL STORY

Marina Fong ’14/In Step

In July, Concord Academy collaborated with the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston on a one-week residency for Boston-area dancers…READ FULL STORY

Global Online Academy

These days, it takes a world to educate a child. Concord Academy has always taught beyond its campus,but this year, that outreach went global, thanks to a generous gift by a CA family that believes strongly in the future of online learning…READ FULL STORY