In anticipation of Concord Academy’s 100th anniversary in 2022-2023, the school has launched phase one of create + innovate: The Centennial Campaign for Concord Academy, a set of coordinated strategic initiatives designed to ensure that the next century is as strong and as vibrant as its first.

Centennial Plan Stories

CA Expands Its Offerings with Global Online Academy

Thanks to a generous gift by a CA family that believes strongly in the future of online learning, CA was able to join Global Online Academy, a platform for online courses that connects participants with a wide network of teachers and students in independent schools around the world. Through this partnership, the school has found yet another way to bring the world to CA and CA to the world … READ FULL STORY

‘The school’s upcoming centennial made us stop and think: What is most valuable about this school? What’s in its DNA? The school’s history and education are quite remarkable, with many of our values dating back to the 1920s. We decided that we wanted to build programs, spaces, structures, and facilities that encourage and amplify those values. It’s taking what is great about CA today and making it better.’

– longtime faculty member Chris Rowe